Women of Branches

Join us in JANUARY for a time of fellowship, support and encouragement as we look to Scripture to learn how to “Grow Like Jesus” in every area of our lives! Let’s help each other mature in our relationships with God, each other – and even ourselves – so we can fulfill His perfect will for our lives! We’ll see you in January on Thursday evenings from 6:30 – 8:00 in the “Deeply Rooted” classroom 
GALS – God’s All Loving Sisterhood
Ladies, we are starting a weekly outreach ministry every Tuesday from 6:30 until 8:00, starting August 21st. We will embrace women creating a foundation to build each other up through prayers and encouragement. This is a safe place where your stories can be shared and we can give you insight and testimonies as well to guide you through this journey so you’re not alone. Many times it’s the deepest struggles in your life that need the biggest outpouring of love. Your involvement in this ministry can make a difference to you and other women you may know as well as others in our surrounding community. Let’s put on God’s Spiritual Armor and see the impact it has on our sister’s in Christ. (GALS Eph 6:10). This ministry is for any woman ages 18 and older.  Any questions please contact Christy