The Manger Service

Christmas season and the Holidays are upon us once again and it’s an easy time to get overwhelmed and overextended. To guard against those feelings, Branches is planning to host our  nineteenth Stable Service. We continually hear from people that have been touched by the whole experience and that it helps put Christ in HIS rightful place throughout the season and make the holidays into HOLY days.

The element that changes everything about this service; darkness. People often say “it’s amazing what you see in the dark!”

Now it’s not totally dark the whole time. We begin in a dimly lit setting that includes a stable built in the middle. All the chairs have been arranged to face the stable. After a time of worship we will begin engaging your imagination and senses as we turn out the lights for several minutes. Following the message, you’ll be given the opportunity to take communion in the stable and at the manger. Many take advantage of the humble awareness of Christ’s sacrifice and even choose to place their offering in the manger at this time.

Due to the nature of this service, it requires assigned seating and each one getting a free ticket. It’s also easier for children (Birth-3rd Grade) to take advantage of the special “Birthday of Jesus celebration”.

We encourage everyone to be early, to use the restroom prior to being seated, to turn OFF all cellphones (not just muting) and wear no watches or shoes that have lights or glow in the dark. These steps lessens distractions.

Preparations are very detailed so we invite you to join in like a family, eat a bowl of soup, pull together and help us setup Thursday 12/12 starting at 6pm.