Steve Pettit, Preacher

Steve grew up on a farm in the black dirt of West Central Illinois. He was fortunate to be raised in a Christian family that did more than just go to church. His parents wanted each of their kids to attend a Bible College for at least one year.

St. Louis Christian College was his pick. After that first year, he wrestled with his desire to be a lawyer, but gave God first dibs. The Lord opened the door to preach early his Sophomore year when Chancellor Luke Perrine told him a church had called and asked for him personally. Steve decided it was more a call of God, than just a church’s request and started preaching at least twice a week early September of 1978 and due to The Lord’s grace, has not stopped. In Steve’s words, he started preaching “without class” since he only had Biblical studies at that time. On top of it all, he and Julie started dating that very first Sunday and haven’t stopped since…with churches in IL, IN and now GA!

You can reach Steve at on Mondays or Wednesdays thru Friday.


Julie Pettit,
Church Administrator
(or as she is known around Branches, “our preacher’s wife)
Julie grew up in the country in Southern Illinois and being the oldest daughter to working parents she quickly learned how to “direct” her siblings and organize a house. Besides running the church office,
most Sundays will find her at the back of the church or in the Tech booth helping out with the Media Ministry.
You can reach Julie at Monday-Friday except for Tuesday afternoons.