Sewing Our Thanks

Several Healthcare workers reached out to Branches because of our ladies sewing for “You Are Loved 316 Ministries, Inc. and they answered the call. Ladies (and Men) from Branches, RL Stonecipher, Inc. (custome draperies), You Are Loved 316, and Esther 4-14 Antiques and Treasures started cutting and sewing fabric with items they had on hand or by receiving items donated from other Branches family or neighbors and friends. It is wonderful the way our community is rising up to help those who are putting their lives on the line for us. We have been able to give away almost 1,000 face masks FREE to those on the frontline.
If you would like to purchase a mask for your personal use (not a healthcare worker) or help with this project go to
Thank you everyone for your love, prayers, and financial assistance in this life-saving project.