Jul 14, 2017
2017-07-05 Belief, Faith and Hope
by John Hitchcock, Elder
  • Jul 14, 20172017-07-05 Belief, Faith and Hope
    Jul 14, 2017
    2017-07-05 Belief, Faith and Hope
    by John Hitchcock, Elder
  • Jul 14, 20172017-07-02 Jezebel the Original godfather
    Jul 14, 2017
    2017-07-02 Jezebel the Original godfather
  • Jun 29, 20172017-06-28 Wanted Dead or Alive?
    Jun 29, 2017
    2017-06-28 Wanted Dead or Alive?
    As we fly through Revelation at a neck breaking speed of a tortoise, we make it to Revelation 3. The church at Sardis is somewhat perplexing, but obviously putting themselves in a dangerous situation. They have a reputation of being alive, but the call from The Great Physician is you have “Flat-lined” and don’t even know it. I wonder how many churches today think they are just fine? They can point to this or that statistic to prove how healthy they are. Preachers and Pastors never stretch the truth about numbers and accomplishments do they? Shoot, we are too often worse than the fisherman telling about the BIG ONE, especially to other pastors. But The Lord knows, because once again Jesus speaks and tells one of His churches that He KNOWS their deeds; what they have been doing, not doing, and the motive behind it all. Now it’s not my job to judge other churches, but what about us Branches? What about each of us that make up this church? What would our yearly spiritual (you know, like a physical) reveal. Whose blood runs strong in our veins? What is our lung capacity for The Spirit being brought in? How is our strength, do we know how to be strong IN Him even when we are weak? Are we flexible and do we have great dexterity, or are we set in our ways? I recommend we look and learn from Him and take advantage of His Grace that forgives as we repent. Like I heard Max Lucado say, it won’t be too cool to be tooting your own horn when Gabriel blows his. Let’s not live off of what we used to do, or did once, but let’s show the world how much Jesus means by living and working “with” HIM.
  • Jun 21, 20172017-06-18 No Chickens in Heaven
    Jun 21, 2017
    2017-06-18 No Chickens in Heaven
    Did You KNOW…? The word chicken never occurs in the Bible, even though there are countless stories of chicken eating preachers. It’s amazing because chicken is at every potluck, included in many casseroles at funeral time and would probably get the vote for most eaten meat of church goers. In spite of its acceptance, I have to presume there will not be chickens in heaven. Although “chicken” isn’t in the Bible, “cowardly” is. Revelation 21 tells us the cowardly will not be in heaven, but instead they will be thrown into the lake of fire. It seems like Father’s day is a good time to look at being anything, but chicken! The Kingdom needs dads that are courageous, not chicken. Children need dads that are courageous. Your kid’s friends need to see an example of courage coming from dads with conviction in Christ. That’s what Joshua and Caleb brought, Courageous Conviction, or maybe better said, their Conviction about Who and What The LORD GOD IS, gave them courage to carry out their convictions.
  • Jun 12, 20172017-06-11 Inspire or Deflate
    Jun 12, 2017
    2017-06-11 Inspire or Deflate
    The Unbelievable Power of Persuasion
  • Jun 4, 20172017-06-04 The Unbelievable of Persuasion
    Jun 4, 2017
    2017-06-04 The Unbelievable of Persuasion
  • Jun 2, 20172017-05-31 Doing Life with CHRIST
    Jun 2, 2017
    2017-05-31 Doing Life with CHRIST
    People often say they are “going through hell” right now. I fully understand what they mean. There are many uncomfortable things that happen in life, but then there are dreadful and overwhelming things that can wipe us out. No doubt the devil himself loves chaos and desires to rattle our cage and shake our faith in Christ. Christians have a huge advantage in the midst of earth shattering news and obstacles. We BELIEVE! We believe Jesus is LORD of Lords. We believe Jesus couldn’t love us more. We believe Jesus endured the cross and all of the circumstances to not only prove His love, but to buy our freedom from the slavery to the devil and sin. Sadly, our life circumstances can get our eyes off Christ. Our pain, sadness, heartache, unfair situations, and unforeseen tragedies can get us to look at ourselves. As panic sets in, that deceiver begins to crawl up into our minds and sit on the throne of our hearts. From there, he manipulates our emotions to overwhelm our faith and the next thing he brings about is “where is your loving God now?” My understanding, from a “theological” perspective and teaching, is that the simple and clear definition of hell is “the ABSENCE of GOD”; just like darkness is the absence of light. For the unbeliever, they truly are going through hell. But that’s true, even when life is going well. Yet technically, the sad things is, they are only on the outskirts of hell because The Lord is still present and available. What’s sad is when, we that believe, are unaware of HIS Presence. We too can “feel” like we are going through hell, but what a shame. It is because we choose to forget His Presence and Promises. He IS there, but we took Him of the throne. The best way out of hell is still the same answer, JESUS. When you are going through hell, keep on walking, but walk with Jesus.
  • May 28, 20172017-05-28 Memories _ Keeping and Creating
    May 28, 2017
    2017-05-28 Memories _ Keeping and Creating
  • May 25, 20172017-05-24 The Trouble with Trouble
    May 25, 2017
    2017-05-24 The Trouble with Trouble
    As we continue to look at Revelation 2, two things stood out. Smyrna had a synagogue that Jesus referred to as a Synagogue of satan (chose not to capitalize). Then to the church at Pergamum, Jesus relayed that satan resided and ruled from that town. Sadly, most people read right by these two declarations of The Lord and treat them as insignificant. Given a more lingering look, Jesus never told either church to move to an area with better demographics, or the “get the heaven” out of hell’s presence. Instead, he told the Smyrna church that bad (affliction, poverty and slander) was about to get worse. HE also told them “Don’t BE AFRAID of what they are about to SUFFER!” Tonight’s message is about NOT being surprised and NOT being afraid of suffering. In fact, it’s almost as if we should be startled if suffering of some sort isn’t in our life. Someone (sorry I can’t credit who) said, “You are either suffering, just got out of a suffering situation, or are just about to go into suffering.” But we have been deceived to believe Jesus will prevent suffering to His true followers. You might want to get your Bible out and see if that holds water with the Faithful in the Bible. Jesus most certainly did, Peter did, and Paul’s life got to a point where he PLEADED for The Lord to remove the thorn…God said no. So let’s adjust our view, take The Lord at HIS WORD, put Faith over Feelings, and start out by not being afraid. He promises the Crown of Life will be given those that are faithful (to HIM) up to and through death. We need to hold to Christ and His Spirit so we don’t become a “church of satan” like the synagogue in Smyrna.
  • May 21, 20172017-05-21 How Great is Your God
    May 21, 2017
    2017-05-21 How Great is Your God