Aug 13, 2018
2018-08-12 Follow the Leader
  • Aug 13, 20182018-08-12 Follow the Leader
    Aug 13, 2018
    2018-08-12 Follow the Leader
  • Aug 9, 20182018-08-08 Conquerors Fight Feelings with Faith
    Aug 9, 2018
    2018-08-08 Conquerors Fight Feelings with Faith
  • Aug 5, 20182018-08-05 The DEADLY Game of GOSSIP
    Aug 5, 2018
    2018-08-05 The DEADLY Game of GOSSIP
    Man, the game of Gossip was so much fun as kids. It was amazing how much a phrase would change as it is whispered and repeated about 10X. But even MORE amazing is how little fun is experienced when adults play it. Not only is it not fun, it is down right deadly. Gos-s-s-sip even seems to have the hiss of a snake in it. James tells us that our tongues are like a fire that was started in hell.
    That’s what is so amazing; it’s the last thing you’d expect to find in the church! But sadly Christians are every bit as addicted to gossip as anyone in the world. We do it so naturally. Yet Jesus warns us that we will give an account of every word. So what will it take to change? Recognition and admission that we are powerless on our own. We need Jesus and each other to ever overcome gossips powerful pull. I KNOW I WANT OUT of this. it’s no game! How about you?
  • Aug 2, 20182018-08-01 HE is Not Horsing Around
    Aug 2, 2018
    2018-08-01 HE is Not Horsing Around
    Hang on now, we are heading into the somewhat scary portions of Revelation. We must remind ourselves that this book is written in response to Jesus crying out to His Bride, The Church! He speaks out of love and concern. He speaks clearly and simply, just as He did when He walked and talked on this earth. Tonight’s message is found in Rev 6 as He begins peeling back the 7 seals (and they aren’t circus animals bouncing balls off their noses). These seals are what kept the Godly Plan of Salvation from being revealed until the proper time; His total and complete picture of bringing The Light into the darkness that the dEVIL and his angel spirits has been cast into as they were cast out of heaven. You see, we often forget what was here before the earth and mankind was created. Gen 1:1-2 say a lot with very few words. satan and his army were cast out of heaven into DARKNESS and chaos. In many ways, they were in a hell; the absence of GOD. But our Redemptive Lord, couldn’t leave it alone, so HE spoke LIGHT into that darkness even before the sun, moon, and stars; just like HE reached into our lives before we recognized our need. HE is letting His church in on the reality of evil and the limited power of the dEVIL on this earth in his territory. It should help us understand that this darkness affects us all. This isn’t heaven on earth. We are the presence of Heaven, On the earth, In the dEVIL’s territory. These horses reveal The Lord God coming into a war. Our victory isn’t an earthly utopia. It IS His peace in the midst of darkness and chaos.
  • Jul 29, 20182018-07-29 Re-Freeze Tag
    Jul 29, 2018
    2018-07-29 Re-Freeze Tag
  • Jul 25, 20182018-07-25 What Would Make a 100 Million Angels Sing
    Jul 25, 2018
    2018-07-25 What Would Make a 100 Million Angels Sing
  • Jul 22, 20182018-07-22 Freeze Tag
    Jul 22, 2018
    2018-07-22 Freeze Tag
    Faithless =Freeze Up and Faithful=Frees Up
  • Jul 20, 20182018-07-18 Extremes _ Lion and Lamb
    Jul 20, 2018
    2018-07-18 Extremes _ Lion and Lamb
    Revelation is written to wake us up and shake us out of our perception of our personal walk with Christ. If you notice, no one in the 7 churches was scolded for being too holy, shamed for witnessing too much, cautioned about praying too much, or warned about going too deep in their worship. Our personal view of Christianity is often like our view on loaned money. If someone owes us; we know the amount, when it was borrowed, when it was to be repaid and feel like they are avoiding us. If we owe someone else; we are fine, they certainly understand if we are behind, they probably don’t need the money, and we avoid them. So how do we treat Christ; like we owe Him, or He still owes us? Does it seem like He’s avoiding you, or are you avoiding Him. Weird thing is that there’s no scolding, just an appeal from Him to our heart; THIS IS HOW MUCH I LOVE YOU!
  • Jul 15, 20182018-07-15 Part 2 Simon Says
    Jul 15, 2018
    2018-07-15 Part 2 Simon Says
  • Jul 12, 20182018-07-11 Revelation Decoder Glasses for the BIG Picture
    Jul 12, 2018
    2018-07-11 Revelation Decoder Glasses for the BIG Picture
    Tonight we seek to set the perspective and put on the “spectacles” for the right perspective of the spectacles found in chapters 4 through 22. The devil seems to have done a great job of taking the book that REVEALS and turning it into a book that CONCEALS. He has injected “fear and dread” where Christ sought to instill Hope and Boldness; “I give up” instead of the Fearlessness that will Never Give In! Revelation is a book of pictures and animation written to people that have never seen a movie and felt surround sound. I like the concept Matt Proctor shared as he compared Revelation to the first time someone watched Star Wars. So let’s settle in and put on the decoder glasses that let us see three things in vivid high definition: 1, God IS more GOD and HOLY than we think or often act. 2, We need to spell devil like “dEVIL” because he and the life-style he promotes are more EVIL and DESTRUCTIVE than we acknowledge. 3, Hell is real and hotter than we imagine.