Sep 10, 2017
2017-09-10 Why_s This Happening to Me
  • Sep 10, 20172017-09-10 Why_s This Happening to Me
    Sep 10, 2017
    2017-09-10 Why_s This Happening to Me
  • Sep 6, 20172017-09-06 Let’s Pray for Our Memories
    Sep 6, 2017
    2017-09-06 Let’s Pray for Our Memories
  • Sep 5, 20172017-09-03 What Time Is It
    Sep 5, 2017
    2017-09-03 What Time Is It
  • Aug 31, 20172017-08-30 Where We’ve Come; Death to Life
    Aug 31, 2017
    2017-08-30 Where We’ve Come; Death to Life
    Jesus reached out to the Church at Sardis; the one that had a reputation of being “alive”, but was dead. The amazing grace of that is that He was still offering them life out of the death spiral they were in. What makes a dead Christian? It happens when we quit seeking, adoring, appreciating and living Christ Jesus. It usually isn’t sudden, but very gradual and out of presumption. It’s like what makes a child a spoiled brat? It’s when appreciation turns to presumption. Jesus tells the dead ones in Sardis to remember what they had received and heard (that which brought them to Christ in the beginning). Now, turn around and embrace the same Savior again. Paul’s words to the Ephesians in Chapter 2 explains it well; remember what you were like, how you used to live? The Grace and Mercy of Jesus gave you new life out of your old sin, so live in appreciation and gratitude of His Love…
  • Aug 28, 20172017-08-27 Prehistoric Plans Include Divine Appointments – Let’s Get Corny
    Aug 28, 2017
    2017-08-27 Prehistoric Plans Include Divine Appointments – Let’s Get Corny
    This is one time when I am probably safe to presume that we have all “gone somewhere we weren’t supposed to go”. Tim admitted that to me and I had to agree that I was guilty of the same thing. But this message is almost diametrically opposed to that kind of sneaking around. Today’s message is about learning through Simon Peter that The Christian walk is answering The Lord’s call to “going where we don’t want to go!” John 21 contains the endearing dialogue of Jesus as He lets Peter know He is aware of Peter’s failure, but that failure can be redeemed with repentance. It’s about Jesus calling Peter back to the purpose for which he was originally called, to be a Fisher of Men, not of fish. Although the whole story is good for any of us that have ever lost purpose or failed, I want to focus in on Jn21:18…”lead you where you don’t want to go”. Jesus is leading Peter to his ultimate fulfillment of his life and love of his Lord. But before Peter can make it to there, he has to learn the Christian life can’t be experienced fully without fully giving into The Lord and The Spirit’s leading us “where we don’t want to go”. Acts 10 records the story of Grace and Salvation being offered to the Gentiles with Cornelius. Before Peter goes into a Gentile home, The Lord has to convince him that he shouldn’t call unclean what The Lord has made clean. In other words, we must see things the way God sees them, and see people the way God sees people, or we will just be like the world; liking only those that like us and are like us…
  • Aug 24, 20172017-08-23 Remember What HE Forgets
    Aug 24, 2017
    2017-08-23 Remember What HE Forgets
  • Aug 21, 20172017-08-20 Prehistoric Divine Appointments
    Aug 21, 2017
    2017-08-20 Prehistoric Divine Appointments
  • Aug 17, 20172017-08-16 Part 2 – I Forget to Remember
    Aug 17, 2017
    2017-08-16 Part 2 – I Forget to Remember
  • Aug 15, 20172017-08-13 UR or RU? UR Prehistoric
    Aug 15, 2017
    2017-08-13 UR or RU? UR Prehistoric
    Two weeks ago I challenged our church and listeners to TRY to prepare for Sundays for the next 5 months leading to the end of 2017. Trying to prepare includes not waiting until Sunday to decide if you “feel” like going, but rather to pray in anticipation of going. The true ANTICIPATION of going should be counter-culture. Instead of coming/going to church to GET, let’s try coming/going to GIVE! See, the church was designed by the One and Only God Who so loved He gave and gave and gave and gave until He gave His only Son. Then he gave us the forgiveness we couldn’t ever get. The devil has tried to mess the church up by inspiring us to be like him instead of The Christ Who founded the Church. The devil is a getter and taker. The only thing he tends to give are promises he doesn’t deliver on. Countless people have left the church because they didn’t get anything out of it. I wonder how much they honestly gave. Here are 6 “GIVES” you can pray about giving: 1. Give Him first place. 2. Give Him the glory, all of it. 3. Pay (give) attention to Him and others. 4. Give Him room in your heart to work. 5. Give Him Praise. 6. Look for a way to give Him to someone else. I’ll betcha you can’t do this for 5 months without being blessed. Remember? It was Him Who said it is more blessed to give than receive! This IS the way to be blessed; no, really this is the way to realized you ARE blessed.
  • Aug 10, 20172017-08-09 I Forget to Remember
    Aug 10, 2017
    2017-08-09 I Forget to Remember
    In Romans 7, Paul declares his fight with the flesh and spirit causes him to DO what he doesn’t want to do and NOT DO what he does want to do. As we age (but even as kids) it also seems to apply in other ways, physically and spiritually. We have a tendency to “Remember the things we should forget and Forget the things we should remember.” Most Christians can relate. Even most people can relate. We can’t seem to remember the important things, but have minds full of thoughts that are basic trivia. This message is about the things the Bible encourages us to remember so we will be effective in our walk with Him. Jesus is the one that reminded the church at Sardis to remember what they had received and heard! It is vital to remember because our awareness causes us to prioritize around the important and essential. Otherwise we are like the guy that spends his paycheck on partying because he forgot the rent was due… If Jesus is Lord, let’s remember that and live with Him as priority 1.