2019-04-21 Bewildered

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Resurrection Sunday is always a dilemma for me; Do I do the traditional cross and grave message, or something different than the typical? Since I was somewhat bewildered with this, I decided to do a message on BEWILDERED. 
We all have expectations; certainly for people we work with, friends, close friends, family,our spouse, and somewhere deep down in there, expectaions for ourselves.. If we are looking at things fairly, we understand that if we can’t meet our own expectaions, so how can we expect others to? But we do, don’t we? The enemy, according to Jesus, came to kill, steal and destroy. He is continually working things in that direction. And he loves nothing more than to destroy relationships with others around us and even God. Today’s message is about the bold and quick to speak Peter. In the midst of his personal failure, he withdraws from the other disciples and Jesus. He is bewildered because he felt Jesus let him down and he didn’t live up to his own standards. Thankfully, Jesus’s resurrection brought restoration, as well as forgiveness. He let Peter know He wasn’t surprised by his failure and wanted Peter to strengthen others from his own weakness…just like us. We need Jesus and we need each other to do life that lasts eternal.