2019-02-24 What Shall We Do – to be saved – Listen to the Experts

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The Lord God Almighty will not send one person to hell, but sadly, hell will be inhabited by those that did not want to seek The Lord’s salvation. Jesus is proof that God has done all He can to provide a way out of our own destruction! By accepting His Son Jesus’s sacrifice for us, we receive forgiveness and power to escape our old nature of sin. And I don’t know about you, but I still need that kind of Savior and continue to seek to understand His plan for my life. As I grow in understanding of His Word, I continue to apply His teachings to my life whether they make sense or appeal to me. This message is about faithfully trusting, receiving, and searching to be faithful to HIS plan for salvation. Sadly, too many go off their feelings and/or logic. Others just trust their priest, pastor or preacher. It becomes a choice of telling Jesus what your terms are, or whether you are humbled to want to make sure you are meeting HIM on HIS terms. Personally, I want people to put their full trust into Jesus and those 11 that HE TRAINED and TAUGHT! What’s so cool is we can read God’s will in His second Will and Testament. The Gospels (first 4 books) tell us about Jesus. Acts is all about all the Actions that The Lord’s personally picked 11Apostles Did and Taught. They were HIS experts to tell us what we need to do to be saved and how the saved should live out their faith. How could anybody know more fully than them? That’s why I choose to present HIS WORD, so that other’s faith is not in me, but loving Him enough to obey Him.