2017-10-08 Don’t Dilute God’s Water

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Stressed and Distressed? Anxious Anxiety? With all that’s going on in this world today, it’s easy to lose our mind and be paralyzed with fear. That’s part of what’s gone wrong; we have lost our minds (or at least control of them) and given in to emotional response. Over and over this week following the mass shooting in Las Vegas, we have heard various reasons of why this event happened. Politicians immediately started pointing fingers and sharing how much we need new and stricter laws. Law enforcement and profilers have been baffled by the lack of motive or normal reasoning. They haven’t found the letter of confession that answers the WHY?. If there is a link, I suggest we look back to God and the Bible. In the beginning God had only one rule, leave the tree of “knowledge of good and EVIL” alone and live. Adam and Eve ignored God and were banished from their peaceful life. Now, there were consequences, but none so horrendous as what happened when one of their sons killed their other son, his only brother. WHY? Because man now had a knowledge of evil. It didn’t stop there. Genesis 6 records that evil grew until every inclination of their heart was evil all the time. Jesus in Matthew 24:37 said that when He comes back it will be just like in the days of Noah… It’s time that we who claim to believe, begin to obey the one we claim to believe in. Let’s learn from Adam and Eve and trust The Lord has shared with us the “best” way to live. He doesn’t give teachings and commands to hurt us, but to benefit us. We can’t control much at all, but each of us can control Who/what we believe and not water down His warnings or directions.