2017-07-12 Deez Deeds – Revelation Series

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Revelation has several reoccurring words and phrases. Knowing Jesus, I really don’t think it is by accident. Rather, as Jesus was one not to waste words, I think He is intentionally trying to get us to NOT miss His message and desire for us to come into heaven victoriously. 
I shared with my home church in Burnside last week, this is a compassionate and compelling love letter from a serious fiancé. Jesus IS coming to get His bride, but is His bride in a “I can’t wait” mindset, or a “I am careless because I could care less”? I think we have all heard and may have all said “Actions Speak Louder than _ _ _ _ _”. I am certain you can fill in the blanks. Think with me about how you felt the last time someone told you that they would do something, but never did. Now think of the last time you told Jesus “You would do…” and never did, or started but never completed.
Jesus speaks to the churches in this book of Revelation. He said something to the majority of them, “I know your deeds”! Tonight, we are looking at the church of Sardis. He says that to them, but after declaring they have “a reputation for being alive” and the reality of being dead, He s tells them “I have not found your DEEDS complete…”!! Wow, can you imagine hearing that and discovering that it wasn’t about just claiming to believe, but BELIEVING enough to DO SOMETHING?