2017-06-28 Wanted Dead or Alive?

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As we fly through Revelation at a neck breaking speed of a tortoise, we make it to Revelation 3. The church at Sardis is somewhat perplexing, but obviously putting themselves in a dangerous situation. They have a reputation of being alive, but the call from The Great Physician is you have “Flat-lined” and don’t even know it. I wonder how many churches today think they are just fine? They can point to this or that statistic to prove how healthy they are. Preachers and Pastors never stretch the truth about numbers and accomplishments do they? Shoot, we are too often worse than the fisherman telling about the BIG ONE, especially to other pastors. But The Lord knows, because once again Jesus speaks and tells one of His churches that He KNOWS their deeds; what they have been doing, not doing, and the motive behind it all. Now it’s not my job to judge other churches, but what about us Branches? What about each of us that make up this church? What would our yearly spiritual (you know, like a physical) reveal. Whose blood runs strong in our veins? What is our lung capacity for The Spirit being brought in? How is our strength, do we know how to be strong IN Him even when we are weak? Are we flexible and do we have great dexterity, or are we set in our ways? I recommend we look and learn from Him and take advantage of His Grace that forgives as we repent. Like I heard Max Lucado say, it won’t be too cool to be tooting your own horn when Gabriel blows his. Let’s not live off of what we used to do, or did once, but let’s show the world how much Jesus means by living and working “with” HIM.