2017-06-18 No Chickens in Heaven

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Did You KNOW…? The word chicken never occurs in the Bible, even though there are countless stories of chicken eating preachers. It’s amazing because chicken is at every potluck, included in many casseroles at funeral time and would probably get the vote for most eaten meat of church goers. In spite of its acceptance, I have to presume there will not be chickens in heaven. Although “chicken” isn’t in the Bible, “cowardly” is. Revelation 21 tells us the cowardly will not be in heaven, but instead they will be thrown into the lake of fire. It seems like Father’s day is a good time to look at being anything, but chicken! The Kingdom needs dads that are courageous, not chicken. Children need dads that are courageous. Your kid’s friends need to see an example of courage coming from dads with conviction in Christ. That’s what Joshua and Caleb brought, Courageous Conviction, or maybe better said, their Conviction about Who and What The LORD GOD IS, gave them courage to carry out their convictions.