2017-05-07 Be Cautious Throwing Caution to the Wind

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An old phrase “throw caution to the wind,” implied the idea of just letting go and doing whatever you felt like. All of us have probably done that at one time or another. Sometimes ti frees us up where we may have been too conservative, but often it leads to regrets. Those regrets can be a lesson Iearned or they can be life changing. This message is about throwing caution to the Real Wind for the Christian, the Holy spirit. He will lead us to make the best decisions possible; decisions for ourselves and with complete consideration of others. And He also leads us to guard ourselves from exercising our freedom to the point of addiction.
Addictions aren’t goals; they’re the result of unbridled and unchecked desires and lead us to bowing down to a God not worth our worship. The Holy Spirit will guides us to rearrange our desires to honor The Lord God.