How long is your typical service?
Our worship time is about 30 minutes and then the message another 50.
What should I wear to worship?
Relax and wear what you have. In fact, we encourage our believers to wear their everyday clothes so they will also wear their Christianity everyday too. So it’s like we say, we are real people; certainly not perfect, definitely not plastic.
How often do you take communion?
It is our practice to observe communion every Lord’s Day; at the end of the service.  The bread and the juice remind us of the sacrifice of Christ’s body and blood made on our behalf. We invite all Christians to join us in this opportunity for remembrance and to partake of the elements when ready.
Will I be expected to put money in the plate?
We don’t “take” up an offering. There are offering boxes built into both sides of the sound booth near the auditorium doors. We believe that giving should be cheerful, inconspicuous and anonymous.
How do I find out more about Branches?
Go to the “Contact Page” and fill out the form and email it to us. Or, if you attend a service there are cards located in the seat back/racks for you to fill out and drop in the offering box.
Please understand we don’t pressure, or automatically follow up with a visit or phone call , in respect of your privacy, unless you contact us.