Greenhouse Volunteer Lunch

On March 1, right after service, Greenhouse will host a lunch meeting for all Greenhouse volunteers, in the Foundation. This will be a time for everyone to get to know Lara better and start discussing the future of Greenhouse Children’s Ministry.

Lunch will be served, so please RSVP to Lara by Wednesday, February 26 with the number from your family planning to attend. You can RSVP through email (

We hope that everyone can join us as we explore an awesome future for the Greenhouse! 

Branches Yard Sale

Branches 15th and FINAL Yard Sale
May 7th Noon-4pm / 8th 8a-6p / 9th 8a-3p
One thing our Yard Sale will benefit will be our teens by paying ½ the way for our teens to attend “Adrenaline.” (They have agreed to help tear down and box up the items after the Yard Sale has ended – thank you!) the rest of the proceeds will go towards staffing or other needs of the church

We have an Information Packet at the
Sign Up Center that has an information letter, price tags, donation sheet and a price sheet from Goodwill for pricing guidelines.

For 15 years on Mother’s Day weekend the Branches property has been covered with treasures. Offering our own, and the community, a wide variety of items at discount prices. Because it has been so successful it has grown to more than we can physically handle, and the manpower needed in the month leading up to the sale is not there. But, we DO feel the Lord impressing on us that HE has something new, something different so we are  earnestly seeking and praying.

So, for 2020 let’s focus on those HE brings onto our property so we can show and share with them the most important thing, the love of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.

Ministry Opportunity

To the Least of These….

The next opportunity to serve the men of The Extension (a comprehensive, residential recovery program serving homeless men who suffer from addiction to alcohol or drugs) in Marietta a meal with the Templeton’s will be Thurs., Mar. 12th, at 6pm. If you would like to serve, please sign the list in the foyer.

Branches Sticker

The Marketing Team has designed a sticker for you to have for your car, truck, boat, bike, skateboard or wherever you want to show it off. They are FREE at the Branches Welcome Center. You will notice on the bottom of the sticker. That’s the verse that Branches was founded on, and it’s an easy, shorter way to remember how to get to us online.
We hope that this will let you show off how much we all love our Branches family. We want people to know that at Branches, you can B-real, B-belong and B-believe.